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Top 4 Requirements For Solar PV.

Rhodri Andrews

Top 4 Requirements for Solar PV panels

If you are thinking of acquiring Solar PV panels but you are wondering if there are any specific requirements before you call in and book yourself a survey, then this article is just for you!

So as you may have heard, Tempo are expanding on the Solar PV, LED lighting and solid wall insulation sections of our business and supplying and installing in more of our regions throughout the UK. This means that whether you live around the North West of England, North Wales, Yorkshire or Cornwall, getting yourself some Solar PV’s is now even easier!

There are tonnes of benefits to Solar PV’s – Not only can you save money on your energy bills by creating your own electricity, you could also EARN up to £565 a year too through the governments scheme ‘The Feed In Tariff’. Furthermore, the electricity you don’t get round to using, you can always sell back to the grid, via the ‘Export Tariff’ at a slightly lower rate.

So to get started, the best thing to find out is, of course, are there any requirements? And what happens from here?

1) What way does your roof face?

This is normally an important factor when considering Solar PV panels as obviously your Solar PV’s want to get as much sunlight as possible in order to generate enough electricity to save you money!

The best and most efficient facing roofs are any kind of south facing roofs where the sunlight can access the solar PV’s for most of the day. East and West roofs are also able to generate quite a lot of electricity. According to Sol Stats you can receive 80% of the maximum available electricity through an East or West facing roof and a South East or South West facing roof can give you over 94% of the maximum solar energy available.

We have broken this down for you in a simple graph to show you the amount of energy produced on a standard 35 degree angled roof. Please note, this varies depending on the area you live in, and the size of your roof. We normally recommend that North facing roofs do not get Solar PV’s in the UK as we do not think they would acquire the full potential needed to benefit.


In this case in particular, we can see that the south facing roof could generate up to 1265 KW/H of electricity per year, gradually decreasing as the roof moves away from the South. The energy drops down to around 1015 kw/h in a West or East facing roof, showing us that the best potential from Solar PV electricity production would be from a south to East or West facing roof.

To check which way your roof is facing it is probably easier to look up your property on Google Maps. If you type your postcode in at the top and show your property on ‘grid’, it will show you which direction South facing is.

Don’t Worry though, if your roof orientation isn’t ideal, then you can always request that your Solar PV panels are on the ground, or alternatively on another building such as a garage or shed.

2) Do you have any obstructions to your roof?

Another question we usually ask before we go ahead with a survey for Solar PV’s is do you have any obstructions to your roof? Slight shading and obstruction will probably not matter too much, however we recommend for the best potential your roof should be relatively un-shaded between 10am and 4pm. If you are struggling with something, then don’t be afraid to ask one of our installers to have a check for you.

If there are just a few trees in the way, then you could always look at the possibility of trimming a few of the trees down etc in order to create less shade for roof.

3) What angle is your roof at?

We can usually put solar down on a flat roof, however we normally recommend that if your roof is at an angle then the best angle to reap to biggest benefits is a roof at a 30 – 40 degree angle. Any more than this and the performance may be less efficient.

4) What is your energy rating?

Despite the energy rating in your property, you can still get Solar PV panels, but for your benefit, we recommend that your property has an energy efficient rating of a D or above. If you don’t know your energy rating then it is probably worth getting an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) on your property. To book an EPC then all you need to do is give us a call on 0800 152 2011, and we can talk you through the best price for you.

We recommend a higher energy rating simply because, if you want to earn money via The Feed In Tariff, then you could be eligible for considerably more money per KW/h of energy you produce if you have a higher energy rating than if you have one below a rating D.

There are many things in which you can obtain to make your home energy rating higher, and there are many benefits on offer to help you achieve these. We have made a rough list below, however for more detailed information check out our ‘12 ways to reduce your energy bills’ blogs posted last October.

Cavity Wall and Loft Insulation – 9/10 properties are in fact eligible for funding on cavity wall and loft insulation, meaning there is a good chance you may also be eligible for this to highten your energy rating.
LED lighting – LED lighting can in fact mean you use 90% less electricity than you would on a normal light bulb- so just imagine how much you can save in electricity bills!
Getting an energy efficient boiler – Consumers who receive qualifying benefits may be eligible for a grant towards a boiler too.
Double Glazing – According to the Energy Saving Trust 40% of heat escapes through walls and windows therefore acquiring double glazing may mean there is less chance of heat escape, making your property more energy efficient.

After you have obtained an EPC, we are then able to give you an MCS number, which will then allow you to apply for the Feed In Tariff and receive payments based on the electricity you produce.

Additionally, if you have had a good read of the requirements recommended for Solar PV panels and you feel like your property is ideal, then give us a call on 0800 152 2011 and we can discuss the next steps to a cheaper more energy efficient future!

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