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The Ultimate Guide To Having Solar PV In Your Home

Jonathon Gregory

The Ultimate Guide to Having Solar PV in Your Home.

What Are Solar Panels?

Solar PV panels, also know as solar panel electricity systems or photovoltaic panels, are placed on top of your roof in order to generate electricity from the sun’s rays via photovoltaic cells. Creating your own electricity means that you won’t have to buy or use as much energy from your energy provider, meaning your energy bills could significantly reduce (1).

Immediately we know what you are thinking – but what’s if it’s not sunny where I live? Well then don’t worry, as solar cells can still pick up the rays from the sun and the light and develop electricity on a cloudy or rainy day. After all, let’s face it – the majority of days aren’t sunny in the UK are they?!

In a way, Solar PV panels are similar to plants when they photosynthesise to create food from the suns energy. Solar panels provide food in the form of electricity, feeding the properties needs and wants with sufficient electricity to power appliances throughout each room.

So with today’s ever rising energy bill costs, it’s easy to feel lost when paying out so much a month, so making a great return of investment with the savings on your utility bills, as well as various government schemes and incentives (which we will talk about in detail later on), must seem like a god send!

Now you know what Solar PV panels are and how they work – let’s have a look at the benefits you could reap from having them

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Advantages of Solar Energy

There are hundreds of advantages and positives to having solar energy in your home. Not only do solar panels potentially help you save money on your energy bills, but you could also be eligible for government payments for having solar on your roof, all based on the amount of electricity that you generate.

The pro’s are endless, however we have listed some more in detail below for you to guide you through the strongest attributes that solar panels hold:

Free Energy From The Sun – Solar energy is generated straight from natural sunlight, therefore is created completely free using resources from planet earth to benefit our lives.

Cut Your Energy Bills – Generating your own electricity means that you automatically buy less from your energy provider, as you will be making most of it yourself. Consequently you may see yourself saving a significant amount on your utility bills (1).

Earn around £600 a Year For Having Solar PV This rate could be more or could be less dependable on your property itself, however one of the biggest advantages to having solar in your home is that you could be eligible for payments from your energy provider based on the amount of electricity you produce. This is through a scheme called <The Feed In Tariff> which was introduced to influence consumers to create their own energy. Applying for The Feed In Tariff is easy and most energy companies can help you apply for this, as well as provide a break down with an estimate of how much you will earn in the first year of applying, based on your specific property.

You Can Sell Electricity You Don’t Use Back To The Grid- <The Export Tariff> works alongside The Feed In Tariff and allows you to sell the electricity you don’t use from generation back to the grid. This benefit puts the cherry on the cake when earning money back, and allows that little bit extra for you to reap. Again, most energy companies and providers of Solar PV can assist you with applying for this at the same time as applying for The Feed In Tariff.

Cut Your Carbon Footprint – A typical 4kw Solar PV System can save almost up to a tonne of carbon dioxide a year according to The Energy Saving Trust, as it does not release any harmful carbons or pollution when creating energy.

Very Little Maintenance- Believe it or not, Solar Panels require very little maintenance, and depending on the angle of you roof, most are self cleaning (2). They run for up to 25 years and they do not incur any re-occurring costs.

20 year schemes including rise with inflation. – Both The Feed In Tariff and The Export Tariff schemes guarantee payments for up to 20 years, meaning you will continue to receive an income for this period. You could potentially be earning up to £20,000 in this length of time. Additionally, the rate of payments in which you will receive may increase with inflation over this period, so you could look forward to an even better earning (1).

Power generated in properties that are not connected to the grid You don’t always have to be connected to the gas grid in order to acquire Solar in your home, meaning you can benefit from creating your own electricity even in the most remote of areas.

As you can see, there are multiple advantages to having Solar on your roof, and these are not even the half of them.

Solar PV Installed on roof

Preparing for Solar Panels In Your Home

When you are looking for solar panels in your home it is important to ask yourself a few questions before hand. Many companies, such as Tempo, have qualifying questions in which they ask to ensure that Solar is the right investment for you and your property to make sure you get the best benefits available. Have a think about some of the following:

What way does your roof face?

If you have a south, east or west facing roof then the solar panels can capture the rays better, meaning solar pv would be ideal for your home. If you do not have a south, east or west facing roof, then you could always put them on a garage or shed that does have a south east or west facing roof. To find out which way your roof faces is probably best to look up your property on Google Maps. If you type in your postcode in at the top and show your property on the ‘Grid’ it will show you a compass at the bottom. The red end of the compass faces North.

Do you have any big obstructions to your roof?

Slight shading or on shading is perfect, however if your roof is completely covered, then the sun may not be able to reach the panels, therefore we would not recommend Solar. If you have a slightly shaded or shade-free south, east or west facing roof, then solar would be ideal!

Do you know your property energy rating?

If you have an energy rating of a D or above, this can mean that you receive a higher rate or payment from your energy provider for The Feed in Tariff (FIT) based on the electricity that you generate. If you have an energy rating lower than a D, there are many energy saving measures in which you can apply for that also could be eligible for government benefits. For example, 9/10 homes are actually eligible for funding through the government for cavity wall insulation, which could potentially boost your energy rating that bit higher to receive better payments through the FIT. Alternatively, a new energy efficient boiler or Solid Wall insulation could also boost your energy rating (1).

Do any of your neighbours have Solar PV?

If your neighbours already have Solar Panels, then chances are you would be eligible too! Why not ask them how Solar works for them, and how they find the benefits that they receive. And if they haven’t already applied for The Feed In Tariff and The Export Tariff, tell them to get a move on!

For more information on requirements for Solar PV check out our blog post Top 4 Requirements For Solar PV

Now you have thought about the preparation and the requirements for Solar, let’s now guide you through the costs of solar panels, and how much you could earn from various Government schemes.

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The Cost of Solar Panels

The 4kw (biggest system- 16 panels) is around £6500* and a 2kw system is around £4725* including installation. The amount of Solar panels will depend on the size of your roof and obviously your personal preference. You may be entitled to more from The Feed In Tariff and The Export Tariff if you have a bigger system.

If this is something that you think you would be interested in then you could request a call back from out team by leaving your details on our Solar PV page.

*prices vary dependable on the size of the panels, the type of roof and access to the roof.

Investing in Solar PV

Having Solar PV is like a long term investment plan. We have tallied up that over the course of having the panels on your roof, you could collectively save and earn up to £20,000 with savings on electricity bills and the Government schemes available.

According to the source of all energy knowledge The Energy Saving Trust, a typical 4kw system could generate roughly a normal properties electricity needs (around 3800 kw/h) and a typical solar panel system in Scotland can generate up to three quarters of a households electricity needs. Evidently you could be saving a significant amount of money whilst creating your own source of electricity.

Government incentives (The Feed In Tariff and The Export Tariff)

On top of this, you could also be entitled to payments from your energy provider based on the amount of electricity that you generate. Below we have generated a breakdown of rough payments you could receive and we have also estimated savings on your energy bills for a typical 4kw system in Manchester and Aberystwyth, Wales. (1)


Location      System size    Feed In Tariff Payment per year      Export Tariff          Electricity bill savings      Co2 savings                                               (1st July-30th Sept 2015)               (1st Jul-30th Sept)

Manchester    4KWP                     £435                                                     £80                                  £120                      1,650KG

Aberyswyth    4KWP                     £460                                                     £85                                  £125                       1,750KG      Wales


Prices of the tariff’s rise based on inflation and vary dependable on where the property is located and roof type.

Applying for the Tariff’s are simple and the Tempo team can assist you in application, so you know where to go and how to apply to start earning as soon as possible.

tempo_smile_aquaSave money on your energy bills, Save energy usage, Earn money on your bills

Choosing The Right Installer

Here at Tempo, we understand that choosing the right installer is important when you are looking to install Solar PV’s, so before you go ahead, think about a few things to ensure you have chosen a reliable company in which to make your investment. Ask yourself:

How old is the business?

A business’ age could potentially show off their experience in the energy sector. Tempo is a local family business which has been running for around 9 years. We believe that we have gained an awful lot of energy knowledge over this period, making us energy experts within our industry. Additionally, we have worked with thousands of customers on a variety of products and assisted them to the best and most beneficial schemes available. It is second nature to us to know the ins and outs of the energy process and our products that we offer and we are more than happy to share that information with our customers.

Do they survey your house before deciding the most appropriate system?

It is also important that the company in which you select do not rush into things too much and have taken an appropriate survey before installation in order to get the right information for you. Not only this, but it is hard to get everything correct and allow you access to the greatest benefits from the system without surveying your property first. Booking a survey can be done by leaving your details on the company website or by calling the company directly to inquire.

Check out our social media pages

Social media presence can tell you a lot about the company and how they work. What other products do they promote? Do they seem professional in their approach? It may be a good idea to follow them and get a bit more information about how they work – they may even have other things on there that might interest you too! Tempo regularly update their Facebook and Twitter pages with the latest energy news and information, competitions, and Government schemes and offers.

Have a look at our website and our reviews.

Check out some of the <reviews> that the company holds. Do customers seem satisfied with the service they have received? Additionally, check out the Website. Have a browse through and read up on more important information before you make any decisions. Here at Tempo we pride ourselves on professionalism and being the people’s energy expert. Our aim is to educate and inform our customers on every aspect of energy saving to help every household in the UK improve their carbon footprint and save money along the way and we believe that our website portrays this.

Now you have gathered all the appropriate information, let’s look at how to apply!

How To Apply For Solar PV.

Applying for Solar PV is simple and can be done in just a few simple steps:
1) Leave your details on the Solar application page of the website and a member of our team will get back to you regarding your inquiry as soon as possible to ask you a few preliminary questions and talk you through the next steps of the process
2) If our team member thinks you are eligible then they will be able to book you in for an appointment with an energy expert at a time that suits you best

3) Upon inspection of your property the energy expert will talk you through how many solar panels you are eligible for, how much they will cost including a breakdown of the savings you could receive, and how much you will earn through The Feed in Tariff and The Export Tariff within the first year.

4) The energy expert will then leave you to think about the decision for a week or so, or until you are ready to go ahead. You should receive a call back after this period, and then we can book you in for an install.

5) You can then sit back relax and reap the benefits of solar pv for the next 20 years !

Other Options To Consider

A new energy efficient boiler could be a great investment along with solar to see a great return.

Not only does an energy efficient boiler add value to your property and boost the energy rating, but according to the energy saving trust, up to 1/3 of your hot water can be gained through Solar Thermal, which alongside a new boiler could work out loads cheaper! – Tempo offer finance packages to assist with boiler payments, starting from just £19.99 a month!

Other ways to improve energy efficiency within your home could be through Cavity Wall Insulation- there are also Government grants available to potentially fund around 9/10 properties for this, so you may not have to pay anything!

For more information on how to be energy efficient in your home, check out our blog post 12 ways to be energy efficient in your home.

Alternatively, if you are off the mains gas grid, you may want to think about a Biomass Boiler. By acquiring a Biomass Boiler you could be eligible for quarterly payments of up to £2050 a year through the Renewable Heat Incentive.

And Finally

Within this Ultimate Guide to having Solar PV in Your Home, we hope we have filled you in on all the information there is to know about this investment. We hope to assist you through every step of the way and lead you to a cheaper, more energy efficient future, therefore do not hesitate to give us a call on 0800 152 2011 and we can help you with any further questions you wish to ask.

(1) Energy saving trust

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