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As seen on the Guardian ultimate guide to choosing a new boiler in your home

The Ultimate Guide To Choosing A Boiler For Your Home

Jonathon Gregory

The Ultimate Guide To Choosing a Boiler For Your Home.

Let’s start with a couple of questions…

How do you make the right decision when choosing a new boiler?
How can a boiler help you save money on your heating bills?
How do you stop wasting energy in your home?

What you need to know when choosing a new boiler 

When looking to select a new boiler or central heating system for your home, it is important that you make the right decision in order to get the best results on your investment and to improve your property as a whole.

Making the right boiler system choice is probably not the most exciting thing you will ever do, however it is one of the most important decisions you could make, as according to the energy saving trust boilers account for up to 55% of your energy bill prices.

Tempo have provided you with an ultimate guide to choosing a boiler for your home, outlining the most important things to consider when looking for a new boiler in your property, including types of boilers, boiler prices and how to apply and prepare for acquiring a new one.

First of all, it is important to establish what kind of boiler you are looking for in your home as the type of boiler you choose may be dependant on what it is that you are looking for or the type of property that you have.

Types of Boiler

boiler_glowworm ultimate guide to choosing a new boiler, types of boiler, cost of boiler, home house propertyultimate guide to choosing a new boiler, types fo boiler, cost of boiler, home house property

According to GOV.UK, Since April of 2005, most boilers now have to conform to government efficiency standards, meaning boilers sold have to be high efficiency condensing boilers. All boilers therefore on offer through Tempo are condensing.

Why is this I hear you ask? This is because condensing boilers help to reduce CO2 emissions of around 1500kg a year per household by recovering more heat from the burning fuel, saving around £340 off your energy bills *(1). This means that not only do condensing boilers help the environment to a huge extent, but you could also start to see a return of investment through the savings on your energy bills too.

So what type of condensing boilers do you choose? There are normally three different types of condensing boiler; Conventional boilers, System boilers or Combi boilers(2).

It’s important to speak to a professional when thinking about which exact boiler to go for, however the selected boiler will most likely be dependent on your property type, lifestyle and hot water and heating demand.

Conventional boilers & System boilers for family homes

For example, if you live in a large family home, then you would most likely opt for a Conventional or System boiler, as they are both suited to properties that require hot water in more than one place at one time. System boilers work by heating your central heating system directly and produce hot water for your cylinder.

Combi boilers

If you live in a smaller home, flat or maisonette, however, then a combi boiler might be best for you, as they take up less room and you may not need as many people requiring hot water at once. A combi boiler from brands such as Vaillant and Worceter Bosch provide heating and hot water directly from the boiler to your tap, shower and radiators.

All types of boilers work most efficiently depending on the type of building you reside in and what you or our team think would be best for yourselves, having completed a heating and boiler assessment

So now you have had a think about what type of boiler would best suit you, the next step in the guide would be to think about boiler prices, how much a would boiler cost, how you can pay and how much you could save on your energy bills.

How much does a new boiler cost?

At Tempo, a new A rated energy efficient boiler fully fitted will typically cost around £1795-£2500 including parts and installation. This is dependable on the type of property you have and the size of boiler you are installing. In addition, it depends on what type of boiler you had originally and what type of boiler you are swapping to.

If you want to swap a regular boiler with a combi boiler, there may be a lot of pipe work changes needed which requires extra work for the heating engineer including extra materials which may need to be added to the cost of a boiler replacement.

What else could affect the cost of a new boiler?

There are many occasions when moving the position of the boiler will be necessary. If you have an old floor mounted boiler, a back boiler, or simply a boiler in an unsuitable position, the job will require significant rerouting of pipe work and the further you have to move it, the more the job may cost.

All boilers can come with a warranty of up to 10 years in order to put your mind at rest when thinking about the future.

Funded boiler schemes and grants

If you have certain qualifying benefits, such as pension credit, working tax credit or income support, then you may be eligible for funding towards or for a new boiler. To find out if you are eligible, then the best thing to do would be to visit our funded boilers page and enter your details for a call back from a member of the Tempo team.

Boiler Finance

Alternatively, Tempo also offer affordable and easy to pay finance packages,for customers who do not wish to pay up front all at once. These packages start from just £19.99 a month and we can work with you to create a deal that matches your budget, over a period of time that suits you best. A brand new A rated energy efficient boiler could end up costing you less than a monthly phone bill.

If this is something that you think you would like to go for, then you could request a call back from our team via the boiler application page.

Investing in a new boiler

New Boiler Quote. New gas combi boiler in kitchen

Now, here at Tempo, we think of an energy efficient boiler as an investment. An investment because, with a new boiler you could be saving around £340 a year on you utility bill prices with the energy saved, so essentially, within 5-7 years your boiler could be paying for itself.

The savings that you may make on the prices of your bills are again dependable on the type of property you own and the energy rating of your property, therefore we have broken down the savings you could be making based on predictions from the energy saving trust. Please note these estimated prices are made based on properties on the gas grid with a programmer and TRV’s (1).

Old Boiler Rating        Semi Detached House          Detached House       Detached Bungalow  Mid Terrace House     Flat

G                                     £340                                           £570                             £290                             £280                        £145

F                                     £255                                            £430                             £215                              £210                        £105

E                                     £215                                            £360                             £180                              £175                        £90

D                                    £175                                             £300                            £145                               £145                        £70


Source: Energy Saving Trust

Paying for a new boiler doesn’t seem so bad after all does it?! Now you are all clued up on the prices, we will guide you through how to prepare for acquiring a new boiler.

Preparing for a new boiler – get the answers you deserve.

Gas Safe Installer North Wales

Here at Tempo we recommend that you are fully prepared for purchasing a new boiler. By prepared, we don’t mean putting on your best clothes and spraying your home with your favourite air freshener, we mean making sure you have asked yourself some essential questions and that you are fully clued up on who Tempo are, what to expect and when to expect it.

As gas safe local installers with a qualified and experienced team of boiler professionals, we make it our ultimate duty to make sure you get the best service and the install is efficient as possible. Upon application a member of our team will be on hand to assist you and talk you through what will happen next. They will advise you on the type of boiler and the price of the boiler as well as booking you in for an initial visit from a member of our team.

Upon the first visit, the team member will then be able to confirm with you which boiler would be best based on your property type and energy rating, discuss the payment options and leave you with a quote. If you decide to go ahead with the quote, then we can go straight to install and you can start saving. The install should take no longer than a day.

Some questions for you to think about before choosing a boiler are below:

1- Where in your house is your boiler going to go?

Have a think about where you want your new boiler and flue to go. Due to the low temperature in the flue, new condensing boiler flues tend to let of a small amount of steam when in operation, therefore, dependable on where your old boiler was, you may want to change location of the flue with a condensing boiler.

2- When are you going to use your boiler?

Before you select your boiler, have a think about how busy your home is. Does more than one person use a shower at the same time for example? If so then this may give you a better idea of which boiler to go for. Also think about what your old boiler was, and how it performed based on the amount of people in your home. Would you like something different or the same?

3 – Are you planning to extend?

Have a think about whether you may plan to extend your home in the future. For example, are you looking at getting a loft conversion or using your loft space for something important? If so then keep in mind that conventional boilers may need some loft space for a tank, whereas a system or a combi boiler do not.

4- What have your friends/family got?

If your friends and family have a certain type of boiler it may be worth talking to them about it. Ask them what works for them and why. Get to know what you want by putting the feelers out there then feed it back to our team and we can advise you from there.

5- How are you going to pay and what you want to spend?

Have a think about the price of the boiler. Do you want to pay upfront or do you think it would be easier to opt for a finance package? Even if you have a large lump sum of the money and wish to pay the extra via finance, this could be arranged through our team. Alternatively, do you think you qualify for funding through the government? if so then let us know upon application and we could check to see how much funding you are eligible for. Make sure you think the funding through sensibly so you know you are making the right decision.

6- Check out our website and FAQ’s

Feel free to check our website and if there are any unanswered questions within this guide, then we also have a Boiler FAQ page in which you can see regular questions and information on boilers.

How to Apply

Applying for a boiler is simple, and we offer boilers throughout North Wales, Yorkshire and the North West of England. You can apply by following the link to our boiler application page, entering your details and requesting a call back from a member of our team in order to set you up with the next steps to saving energy. You can also call us on 0800 152 2011 if you are free for a call at the moment and we can book you in.

After Sales Service and Support

All of our prices include install so you don’t have to find anyone else to install for you for any separate pricing. Our boilers can also come with a warranty of up to 10 years so if anything goes wrong then we are able to fix it straight away.

As mentioned earlier we have gas safe experts on hand to be able to help you whenever you need it. We will always be available to support you with any after service queries which you may have- after all, we don’t expect you to know everything there is to know about boilers.

If you have any problems then do not hesitate to give us a call and we can talk you though what to do.

Additionally, If you have any problems with boiler pressure – we have experts that can also talk you through this – this is a very common question.

Keeping your boiler working

Finally, we recommend that you have your boiler serviced regularly to make sure everything is working ok and there are no problems. According to nhs website, carbon monoxide gas from un- serviced boilers kill around 200 people a year in the UK, therefore it is highly important boilers are checked annually.

Tempo offer Annual Boiler Assessments where a member of our team can attend your home and check everything is working correctly. These inspections cost around £65 dependant on the type of boiler you have, however, may ensure safety to you and your household.

Also feel free to check our our<reviews> on our website, or even add a review if you think our service was to a good standard, or you think anything could be changed in order to improve the experience for our future customers, because here at Tempo we really value what our customers think.

Other Options To Consider

You may have never thought of this before, but Solar could be another good investment for you to see a great return. Not only can solar add value to your property, but according to the Energy Saving Trust, up to 1/3 of your hot water can be gained through solar thermal, which alongside a new boiler could work out to be a tonne cheaper (1).

Ultimate Guide to boiler, types of boiler, cost of boiler, solar

Other ways to improve the energy efficiency in your home could be through Cavity Wall Insulation – there are also Government grants available to potentially fund 9/10 properties so you may not have to pay anything.

Cavity Wall Insulation

For more information on how to be energy efficient in your home, check out our 12 ways to be energy efficient in you home blog.

Alternatively, if you are off the mains gas grid, you might want to think about a biomass boiler, another product in which Tempo offer and could help save you more money on your energy bills. You could also be eligible for quarterly payments of up to £2050 a year through the governments Renewable Heat incentive too (2).

Ultimate guide to choosing a new boiler, tpyes of boiler, cost fo boiler, biomass boiler

To Conclude….

It may not be a very exciting thing to buy and look for, but getting a new boiler should not be a difficult task. With this ultimate guide to a new boiler in your home, we hope we have shown you all there is to know about buying a new boiler. Now all you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy your new warm home, for cheaper!

*This price is dependable on your property type and your current energy rating.

(1) energy saving trust

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