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As seen on the Guardian Make your own Draught Excluder

8 Easy Steps To Making Your Own Draught Excluder

Rhodri Andrews

How to Make Your Own Draft Excluder in 8 Easy Steps.

According to the Energy Saving Trust, simple DIY draught-proofing around windows and doors could save you between £25 and £50 a year. Not only this, but eliminating draughts from your home could enable you to feel the benefit of the heat more, allowing you to turn your thermostat down and save yourself a further 10% off your heating bill.
It’s surprising how such small tasks can save you when everything is added up – therefore to assist you further, Tempo has produced a step by step approach to creating your own draught excluder out of old materials to allow you to reap these benefits at minimal expense.
So here we go… 8 easy steps to making your own draught excluder.

What You Will Need:

• A piece of fabric around 3-4cm wider than your door and around 40cm wide (this can be cut from old clothes or bed sheets etc that you no longer wish to use)

• A pair of old tights or fabric in which will hold the filling.

• Pins and a sewing machine (if not, just a sewing kit to patch up the sides of material.)

• The filling you desire (we recommend rice or lentils as these act as good insulators).

• An iron

• Decorations if you wish to create a masterpiece!
Let’s Go!


Step 1

Cut out a piece of material around 3-4cm longer than your door and around 40cm wide – This can be cut out of any old clothes, old bed sheets or any material of your choice. Give it a good iron to make sure you get rid of the creases!

Step 2

Make sure the side you want to show on your draught excluder is facing inwards, then fold the rectangle of fabric in half lengthways and pin the long side together.

Step 3

Along the pinned sides, sew very closely to the edges to seal it up length ways. You can do this either using a sewing machine or by hand- whichever you feel more comfortable with. Please take care when using the sewing machine.

Step 4

Once the edges are sewn length ways turn the fabric inside out so that the side of the material with the pattern you desire is on show on the outside (see it may have sounded silly in your head before to turn it inside out, but its mainly so the sewing patters don’t show!)

Step 5

Sew or stitch ONE end of your draft excluder. This can be done neater by folding in the end slightly first so the sewing pattern and material is in a straight line.

Step 6

Cut out a leg of preferably a pair of tights and fill it with a filling you desire. We recommend rice or lentils as these act as good insulators. Fill this up until the leg of the tights are as wide as the draught excluder and then tie the top.

Step 7

Stuff the tights leg in the open end of the material and then sew the top of the material together in the same way you sewed the other end.

Step 8

Decorate as you wish. This is completely down to you. If you do a quick google you will find all sorts or brilliant designs people can create, but if you’re not that fussed then you can leave the draught excluder as it is.
There you have it! Your new hand made draught excluder.


These 8 simple steps could assist you in saving up to £50 a year on your energy bill prices!
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