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All You Need To Know About LED Lighting!

Rhodri Andrews

LED Lighting

Did you know that changing to LED lights could save you up to £412 a year on your electricity bills… and guess what; it’s not even remotely complicated to install them!  The world of LED lighting is truly amazing and there are so many misconceptions about LED lights that we would just like to clear up once and for all.

The following article will aim to guide you through the most common misconceptions of LED’s, the different types of products available and the biggest benefits to having them, including how much you can really save through your electricity bills.

The REAL Benefits of LED lighting

Did you know?

  • LED lighting uses up to 90% less electricity than usual forms of lighting (1)
  • They have an average life span of between 12 – 20 years (equal to between 25,000 – 50,000 hours of operation) – so you hardly have to change them!
  • They turn on instantly to the same brightness so they are not noticeably different to usual lighting.
  • They are hugely environmentally friendly, reducing CO2 emissions throughout the world – after all, everybody has lights, and if everyone changed to LED with an electricity usage of 90% less, then 90% less energy would be wasted!
  • With the money you could save on your electricity bills, you could pay back the price of the LED lights within 6-9 months!
  • They are simple and easy to replace from old inefficient lighting, designed to plug the same sockets.
  • Not only this, but Tempo offer a 5 YEAR GUARANTEE after the LED lights are installed to put your mind at rest!

So what types of LED lights are on offer?


To the right are the types of bulbs able to purchase. Each bulb is available in three shades which range from Warm light to Cool light depending on personal preference. A day light shade is also offered which is a happy medium between the warmth and cool to bring the best effects to your home.

Angles of Light Beam

Dependable on where you want lit and obviously personal preference again, LED lights also range from angles of light beam between 90-120 degrees from the majority of products, so they are not just focused on one particular area and are basically no different to lights you may have already fitted.

Dimmable Form

New technology now allows LED lights to come in a dimmable form. These dimmable form bulbs are available at a slightly higher cost due to the extra technology used to power them, but nevertheless, the money should be reimbursed after the first 6-9 months anyway with savings on electricity bills. After all, dimmable lights do look great and can be adaptable to any occasion.

Very few people actually know that LED lights are available in such form, but it is surprising how much LED’S have taken off over the past few years.

In fact – 70% of the UK are actually expected to have changed to LED lighting by 2020, with halogen light bulbs predicted to be banned from sale in the near future due to inefficiency!

Common Misconceptions

SO here is a final clear up of all the most common misconceptions out there about LED lights.

1 – Aren’t LED lights really expensive?

The answer to that question in the long run is no. LED lights are in the short term slightly more expensive than the average light bulb, but with the money you can save on your electricity bills thereafter, you could be looking at earning the money back after just 6 months. Additionally, with a life span on average between 12-20 years, it would mean hardly ever having to replace them, so technically the money wasted even replacing a normal light bulb would cost you less!

2- I’ve heard that LED lights are limited in terms of quality and angle brightness

Well obviously, as explained earlier, this statement is false. The quality of the CE certified Lumalife light bulbs are top notch and with new LED technology the angle brightness can be purchased in an array of options dependable on your personal taste and preference.

3- Don’t LED lights need special fittings?

Again the answer to this question is no. Most LED lights can be a direct replacement for existing lighting and are made to fit any usual sockets without hassle.

OK enough of this.. let’s talk money!

So let’s get down to the nitty gritty in all of this, just how much money could you save on your electricity bills over what period of time?

Well we did a rough estimate based on a property with 25 GU10 spotlights, 8 Standard shaped bulbs and 7 energy saving bulbs  – obviously not every property would be similar to this, but for pricing purposes we have estimated the energy saving, the price to change all lights and the money saved over a year.

If all 25 spotlights, 8 standard shaped bulbs and 7 energy saving bulbs were changed to LED spotlights and LED standard bulbs the power consumption would reduce from around 1425 watt usage down to 169.4 watts – saving a mass total of 88% on energy consumption.

The total life span of all the lights noted would be an average of 12 years – This is based on 6 hours a day use.

The total cost of instalment of all the lights = Around £261

Estimated Yearly Savings = Around £412

Estimated length of time to pay back for LED install based on savings = 6 months

Total estimated lifespan savings = Around £4944 (based on the average lifespan being 12 years)

If you would like any further information on LED lights or would like to purchase some – do not hesitate to give us a call on 0800 152 2011 and we will be happy to assist you further.

Please note though – for your safety, there are a lot of fake LED lights out there, so make sure the light bulbs are CE certified and are a good well respected brand. The LED lights Tempo are looking to offer are branded Lumilife, a very well know and rated brand with full CE certifications – Have a good Google beforehand!


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