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Cavity Wall Insulation. 90% of Homes Qualify For Free Insulation

Save up to £300 a year on your energy bills

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Save money with cavity wall insulation

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Cavity Wall Insulation: What is it all about.
Cavity Wall Insulation is a process in which the cavity walls of a property are filled in order to keep the warm air in the home, and keep the cold air out. In doing so, you could save yourself up to £300 off your energy bills each year, and Tempo are offering this free to those eligible.
Save Money, Save Energy, Earn Money,

  • Fully funds in 90% of cases
  • Comes with a CIGA 25 year Guarantee
  • Have a warmer & cosy home
  • Save money on your energy bills
  • Approved local installer
  • Reduce your carbon footprint

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Save Money, Save Energy, Earn Money

Free Cavity Wall Insulation Grants

90% of homes needing insulation will now get it free. Eligibility for cavity wall insulation is based on your home, not your income. Your home could qualify, whether you own or rent it. So if you are a tenant, you simply need to get consent from your landlord. 3 Simple steps to free insulation 1. Check suitability Answer a few simple questions to see if your home is likely to be suitable. 2. Energy Expert visit We will survey your home and make sure it is ready for installation. 3.Installation Cavity insulation usually takes less than a day and we’ll leave your home as we found it.

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What happens next?

Step 1: Request an an Assesment

Request an an Assesment

Choose a time that best suits you, and a member of our team will come and give you a free assessment.

Step 2: Survey/ Quote

Survey/ Quote

Carry out a detailed assessment of your home and talk you through your cavity insulation options. We will advise if any contribution is required towards the installation.

Step 3: Installation


Your cavity insulation installer will give you a full explanation on the installation process and provide a health and safety assessment before work commences.

What is Cavity Wall Insulation

What is cavity wall insulation? Cavity wall insulation is a filling blown into the gap between your interior and exterior walls. It helps prevent heat escaping through the cavity walls of your home. Tempo use the latest insulation wall bead product on the market made by ThermaBead. ThermaBead are industry leaders in providing high performance, injected blown bead insulation systems. With outstanding insulating properties, it is ideal for domestic, commercial and industrial use. Providing 100% cavity fill with no cold spots, no waste and easy to install. With outstanding durability, water resistant and rot proof our bead product is the number one choice for insulation.

  • 20% more efficient than rock and glass wool
  • 30% less drill holes when compared to the standard solution
  • Reduces heat loss by around 70%
  • Up to 30% reduction on fuel bills
  • No settlement and no wastage
  • Consistent density with constant thermal protection throughout the installed area
  • BBA approved and the backing of a 25 year CIGA guarantee

Start saving - get a quote now!!

Save Money, Save Energy, Earn Money

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get free cavity wall insulation?

The government has set aside funds for up to a 100% free non-repayable cavity wall and loft insulation grants, subject to a survey. The scheme is there to help families and communities who need it most.

Firstly, your home must have a cavity that has not been filled.  If your home was built between 1932 and 1982 then you are likely to have cavity walls.  Any home built after 1st January 1983 should already have cavity wall insulation installed.

If you can see a drill pattern on your walls. If you can see a drill pattern on the mortar joints this could indicate your home has already been insulated.  If you cannot see any drill holes, give Tempo a call on  0800 152 2011 and ask for a home survey.   Our energy experts will complete a survey on your home, check the walls and property for suitability and will confirm what grants and funding are available for helping you make your home more energy efficient and warmer.

Do I Receive A Guarantee On My Cavity Wall Insulation?

Yes. When you install cavity wall insulation you will receive a 25 year CIGA guarantee. CIGA stands for The Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency and this guarantee covers residential properties throughout the UK who have received cavity wall insulation from a UK registered installer (such as ourselves). A CIGA commercial guarantee is also available for owner of properties that are non-residential.
Thorough research carried out by the Department of Environment, Transport and the regions has concluded that Cavity Wall Insulation is a very trustworthy process, therefore problems are very rare. For peace of mind though, at least you don’t have to worry about it for a whole 25 years!

How Much Could I Save On My Energy Bills And How Much Energy Can I Save?

According to the Energy Saving Trust, up to 40% of heat is lost through walls and roofs alone. This means that a massive amount of co2 is emitted into the environment with un-insulated walls, and money is being wasted left right and centre.

By installing cavity wall insulation in your property you could save up to £275 a year on your energy bills, saving you up to 1100kg of CO2 emissions a year – That is equivalent to a 13 watt lightbulb being lit for 9 and a half years continuously!

How Do I Know If My Cavity Wall Has Already Been Filled Or Not?

Usually you can tell if your cavity wall has already been filled or not. Most of the time if you look at the brickwork of your property you may be able to see small drill holes in the corner of your bricks under the window.

Alternatively, we tend to drill holes in a diamond shape, which should be visible if you look closely at the brickwork on your property. If this is the case, then the chances are you cavity has already been filled. If not, then you can always give us a call and we can talk you through the next steps to having insulation installed.

Is There Anything I Need To Do To Prepare For Cavity Wall Insulation?

Not particularly. You may want to move one or two ornaments away from the walls if you think that the vibration of the drilling will affect them, but most of the time this will not be a problem at all, and a member of our team will let you know before hand if so.

Where Do I Start And What Is The Process I Go Through With Cavity Wall Insulation?

If you have a Cavity Wall and you do not think it has already been filled before, then all you need to do is apply for a free no obligation survey so that a member of our team can come out and assess your property for you. This should take no longer than an hour and 30 minutes and if your property is suitable then we can book you in for an installation at our next available slot.
The original survey will be a thorough examination of the energy usage in your property, therefore may require access to all rooms. This is done because in order to insulate your walls, we have to develop an energy performance certificate on your property in order to apply for a funding for you and for warranty.
One small hole may also be drilled somewhere discreet so that we can do a quick check to see if your cavity is filled already. Don’t worry though; we will make sure we cover the drill holes up afterwards.

When we have booked you in for an install the cavity filling should take no longer than a couple of hours. Please note, the installation will most likely be on a different date to the survey.

How Is Cavity Wall Insulation Installed And How Long Does It Take?

Cavity wall insulation is basically installed by drilling small holes into your wall and pumping either bead or wool insulation into the open cavity to help prevent heat loss.

These holes are then covered up to prevent any wool or bead escaping and you are good to go.

The installation of Cavity Wall Insulation should take no longer than 2 hours, dependant on the size of your property, and can be completed in just one visit (after you have had a survey to check that your property is eligible.)

Are There Any Other Types Of Insulation I Can Get On My Property?

Of course! Heat mainly escapes in your home through the walls and the roof, therefore Loft Insulation would also be a good option to keep your home warmer. Additionally, you could save up to £250 a year on your energy bills (Take a look at our loft insulation page for more information).
Solid Wall Insulation is also an option for homes that do not have a cavity wall. This is an outer layer of insulation that can be added to your wall and may even improve the appearance. This may take slightly longer than cavity wall insulation, however is equally as beneficial.
Pipe insulation – You can insulate your pipes and your boiler by adding a jacket to your boiler or getting pipe insulation to reduce heat loss. This is cheap and easy to do yourself. Boiler jackets can be acquired at your local DIY store.
Draught excluders – According to the Energy Saving Trust draught-proofing around windows and doors could save you between £25 and £50 a year. This is just by simply blocking out gaps between your window and doors. You can learn how to make your own DIY draught excluder through very little costs in our NEWS section under the title ‘8 Easy Steps To Making Your Own Draught Excluder’.
To cut down your bills even further we have a range of products on offer that will help you both save energy and money. These include Solar PV panels, LED lights and energy efficient boilers.

My Property Is Rented, Could I Still Be Eligible For A Grant On Cavity Wall Insulation?

The answer to this question is yes. All we would require is permission from your landlord.

It would be beneficial if you had the details of your landlord so that we can get in touch with them and request a signature so that we could go ahead with the work.

Once your landlord has given the go ahead we are good to go and can start work on your property as soon as possible.

How Do I Know If My Wall Is A Cavity Wall Or A Solid Wall?

Normally you can tell by the layout of bricks on your wall whether you have cavity walls or solid walls.

• If your wall bricks are of all equal length then you most likely have cavity walls in your property, however if your wall consists of bricks that are both long and short, then you most likely have solid walls.
• How old is your property? If your property was dated anytime after 1920, then the walls will most likely be cavity walls.

If you have solid wall then don’t worry, we also offer solid wall insulation too. Check out our Solid Wall Insulation page for more information.

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    Watch the video

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    Thanks again.


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    Watch the video

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