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How To Get Your Home Winter Ready

Jonathon Gregory

How To Get Your Home Winter Ready

As you have probably already noticed, the days are becoming shorter and the weather is getting colder as Mid September emerges and winter slowly creeps up on us. Besides the shocking fact that Christmas is now only a matter of single figured weeks away – it is highly important that you start preparing and getting your home ready for the winter and making sure you are not wasting too much unnecessary money on your energy bills throughout the season.

Here at Tempo we have produced a list of 4 ways to make your home winter ready!

1 – Check for Draughts

Something to think about when trying to keep your house warm for cheaper would be to check for draughts and leaks around your home. According to The Energy Saving Trust, draught proofing your home could save you between £20 and £50 a year and could help save 10-15% of heat loss unnecessarily.

Draughts can appear absolutely anywhere in your home, from windows through to doors. One good thing to know, however, is that draught proofing is probably one of the cheapest ways to become energy efficient for the winter.

Check around your windows and doors for draughts and if they seem like they are letting heat escape then make sure you try and prevent that from happening by using draught excluders or try and fill any holes around windows that you think might be letting heat escape.

You can check out how to make your own draught excluder in our blog – How To Make Your Own Draught Excluder. Alternatively, you could buy one from most stores at a very small price.

If you think that you windows are leaking far too much, then it may be worth looking at replacing your windows for double glazing windows to not only prevent draughts from occurring, but also to maintain the look of your home.

2 – Ensure You Have Insulation

Insulation is by far one of the number one things in which can keep your house warm. The Energy Saving Trust states that a whopping 45% of heat is lost through both ceilings and walls, therefore it is highly important that you have the correct insulation in order to save yourself some money this winter!

Did you know that 9/10 homes with cavity walls are eligible for funding towards insulation and most of the time this can be fully funded?

By simply just applying and leaving your details on our website insulation page, you can see if you are eligible for funding towards your cavity wall or loft insulation.

You could see yourself saving up to £275 a year in a gas heated detached home by doing so, as well as making your home winter ready!

3 – Make Sure Your Boiler is Working correctly

One big problem many of people tend to have is leaving their boilers all summer and not testing, only to reveal that in October their boiler isn’t working correctly upon switch on, resulting in a mad rush to get the boiler fixed. Because of this usual mad rush, chances are there might be a longer list for installers around the country to get to everyone – therefore it is important to prepare yourself before the winter months to ensure the boiler is working correctly and nip the problem in the bud early to save you later trouble.

If you are unsure of the maintenance of your boiler and would like another opinion on the running it, then it may be worth getting some advice from a professional with a routine boiler check for the winter. These are rather important in the autumn months in order to prevent or reduce any further risk of problems over the winter period. Tempo offer routine maintenance checks, available to you through our boiler maintenance page. All you need to do is leave your details on the page and a member of our team will be on hand to contact you as soon as possible.

If your boiler is really old then you may want to think about replacing it with a new A rated energy efficient one. By doing so you could potentially be saving yourself around £340 a year on your energy bills and have a much warmer home for winter according to the Energy Saving Trust.

New boilers tend to cost between £1400- £2500 including all parts and installation however if you receive qualifying benefits such as working tax credit, income support or pension credit then you may be eligible for funding towards a boiler on or off the gas grid. This can be applied for via our funded boilers application page.

Alternatively, you could discuss payment options with a member of our team by leaving a message in the comment box on our boiler application page and a member of our team could talk you through other options available to you.

4 – Get Your LED Lights

When looking to prepare your home for winter time, it is important to look at all aspects of saving money and energy in your home. LED lighting is simple and can be fitted without an assessment of pre qualifying hassle. The majority of new LED lights now also have special fittings to change from old non-led lights, so the switchover will be relatively easy. Not only this but you could save up to £412 a year on your energy bill prices as LED lighting actually uses up to 90% less electricity than a typical non-energy efficient bulb, meaning you could pay back your LED lights in just 6-9 months.

We have a separate website for our LED lighting which can be found if you click here. Once you have selected the type of bulb you would like and the shading option in which you are looking for, we are additionally offering 15% off when you type on the code TEMPO 15 at checkout.

All you need to do is sit back, relax and wait for your energy bills to lower for the winter!

We don’t know how friends and family would feel if you bought them LED lights for Christmas, but we don’t want to scare you in telling you to get a move on with the Christmas present buying before it’s too late and we are all in a mad rush to buy everything before you know it!

Good luck and we hope you enjoy the winter months in your warmer, more energy efficient homes!

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