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The Greendeal Home Improvement Scheme Is Coming Back!

Rhodri Andrews

The Greendeal Home Improvement Scheme Set For a Comeback

You may be as delighted as we are that the Greendeal Home Improvement Fund is set for a comeback THIS WINTER! This means you could be able to take advantage of the schemes benefits in the next few weeks in order to reduce your energy bills dramatically!

The Telegraph Newspaper recently posted an article revealing that customers throughout England and Wales could potentially start applying for the scheme as early as November (1). Furthermore, the government are set to offer an extra £100 million for those who wish to install energy efficient measures in their property. Ed Davey, A British Liberal Democrat politician noted that the new scheme would mean “lower energy bills” for houses across Britain and will additionally “dramatically cut fuel poverty”(1).

The previous scheme ended in July earlier this year after a huge success, however it is still unknown if the same amount of funding would still be applicable in the new scheme (2). Either way, this means advantages and benefits for measures carried out in your home sooner rather than later!

What is the Home Improvement Scheme?

The Greendeal Home Improvement Scheme is basically an incentive to influence homeowners to bring out a loan for energy efficient measures within their property to fund the cost of work done, with repayments made that are lower than the savings a household would benefit from being energy efficient (2).

The previous scheme was made up of 4 alternate offers which the customer would select options relevant to their home. The choices are taken from the N-switch website and are posted below (please note the new scheme in November may include different offers to the post below, this is just an example of what the previous scheme included.)

Greendeal Home Improvement Fund November This winter doncaster north wales stockport cornwall
Core offer 1 – The customer could get £1000 towards installing 2 energy saving measures which are eligible*

Core offer 2 – The customer could get up to £6000 (75% off) towards internal or external solid wall insulation.

Add on 3 – Additionally the customer could receive £500 if the house was bought in the past year.

Add on 4 – The customer could opt for a refund for a Greendeal assessment report assessments carried out on their home for up to £100

The customer was able to choose a core offer (1 or2) and then additionally opt for an add on (3 or 4).

*Condensing mains gas boiler, Fan-assisted storage heaters, Flue gas heat recovery, Replacement warm-air unit, Waste water heat recovery, Cavity wall insulation, Flat roof insulation, Floor insulation, Room-in-roof insulation, Double/triple glazing (replacing single glazing), Secondary glazing, Replacement doors.

How will we know when the new scheme starts?

All you have to do is sit back, relax, and wait for Tempo to release the upcoming information in a news article. We will keep you up to date on every piece of news we receive and then be able to take your enquiries from there.
For any further information, do not hesitate to call us on 0800 152 2011.


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