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How To Be Energy Efficient Without Ruining The Character Of Your Home

Rhodri Andrews

How to be energy efficient without ruining the character of your home.

Tempo has noticed that many people are worrying about installing energy efficient measures as they do not want to ruin the character of their home. Well, do not worry – THERE ARE ways of getting round this and there are certainly measures that can be installed that would complement the character of your house.

Tempo has created a list of measures to accommodate these issues with specific characteristics moulded to benefit your home and to start saving you money and energy. Just because you have a house with character does not mean you cannot be energy efficient!

Loft Insulation

Loft insulation is available to just about any property and will not affect the character of your home. All loft insulation consists of is a layer of 300mm Earthwool which is placed in between the joists in the attic. This will have no affect on the image of your property, but will potentially save you masses of energy and money on your energy bills. It has been stated by The Energy Saving Trust that in fact a quarter of heat is lost through the roof of your home alone, meaning just one measure could benefit your property more than you think.

Cavity Wall Insulation

Dependable on the finding a suitable cavity, your home may be eligible for cavity wall insulation. This basically only consists of wool or bead injected into the gap in between the brickwork of your home. This will not be seen externally or internally meaning the character of your home shouldn’t be affected.

Internal Wall Insulation

If for some reason we cannot insulate your walls, (for example if you have an old stone exterior wall) or you simply do not wish to have cavity wall insulation,  Tempo do actually offer internal wall insulation. This is where rigid insulation boards are fitted inside your home. These are thinner than the alternate studded wall insulation, so they will not decrease the internal size of your home as much (1). Additionally, your external house character will not be affected.

Under-Floor Insulation

Insulation is not just limited to walls and lofts. Subject to access under the floor of your home, insulation can also be installed in the floor to make your home warmer and potentially save you some cash!

LED Lights

Switching to LED lighting can reduce your energy consumption and potentially start saving you money without affecting the character of your home. They can be purchased in different shades and colours to accommodate the age of the property and nowadays LED lights can light up a room almost immediately after switch on (2).

Biomass Boilers

Biomass boilers are a great way to really add character to your home. They are basically heating systems that burn wood pellets, chips or logs to provide warmth to a single room and can also be fitted with a back boiler to provide water heating as well as central heating.

Because biomass comes from plants, the boiler uses just the same amount of carbon dioxide emissions as a plant would over the time the plant would have been growing – so it is completely sustainable. Not only this but installing a biomass boiler could potentially save you up to £650 a year on your energy bill prices (3) and at today’s market costs, biomass is cheaper than natural gas!

Double Glazing

When people think of double glazing, most people think of shiny brand new windows, upgrading the look and modernising a home. However, double glazing windows can actually be made to complement original old style windows with extensive designs and looks to suit your needs. A consultation with our team could help you choose the right windows for the character of your property in order to complement the look you want.

Solar PV Panels

It may be surprising, but acquiring solar PV panels does not always mean that you have big panels all over your roof. Solar panels can, as a matter of fact, come in tile form to blend in with the character of your roof, therefore not damaging the look of your home.

So there you have it, multiple options to installing energy efficient measures in your home without ruining the character. For more information on the installation of any of the above measures, give Tempo a call on 0800 152 2011.


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