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8 Home Energy Efficiency Myths Cleared Up Once And For All

Jonathon Gregory

Most of the time we are surrounded by hearsay in regards to the subject of energy efficiency. What the neighbour tells you are the best things to do to save money and energy in your property or what Clive at the local DIY store mentioned once when you were looking for new doors for your house.

To set the path straight, here at Tempo we thought it would be important to write a blog post on the real facts of energy efficiency to clear up these myths. Below we have set out a few Myth Quotes we think need to be cleared up once and for all.
1) “More energy is used by turning lights in the house on and off than it does just to leave them on.”

Tempo can reveal that this statement is in fact FALSE. This may be the case with light bulbs that are over 5 years old, however nowadays, following a subsequent ban of in-efficient light-bulbs, new and regulated technology allows for bulbs to take less time and energy to become bright. This means that less money is wasted on trying to power the light during switch on – making it more efficient to turn lights off when not in use that just to keep them on.

Tempo LED lights take a matter of seconds to light up, and with a safe CE certification and up to 12 years life span, you can save energy and money for even longer!

For more information on our line of LED lighting – click here to see our Tempo LED website and don’t forget to type in Tempo15 at checkout for 15% off your purchase.
2) ‘Leaving a ceiling or room fan on in a room when absent makes the room cooler for return.’

Ceiling and room fans use up a lot of electricity when in use and subsequently cost you money. The fact is that room fans and ceiling fans are actually designed to cool down people and not rooms. All air fans do is re-circulate air in the room and blow out to make a windier and cooler effect, they do not actually condition or cool down the air. Leaving your fan on when not in a room will ultimately be a waste of time, money and energy, therefore make sure you turn them off when you are out or not using the room itself.
3) Turning up a thermostat in a room or in your house will make the house warmer quicker.
This is a very very common myth in which people always mistake. This statement is FALSE.

Turning your thermostat up higher does not heat your home faster at all. All the thermostat does is turn off once it has reached a certain temperature to maintain that heat in your house. The time it takes to heat the room is still exactly the same, it will just make the furnace work much harder. Its like pressing a keyboard button to load your computer when it is on stand-by, pressing it twice doesn’t take the computer less time to turn on again.

The easiest way to save yourself some money and energy is to get yourself a programmable thermostat so that you can set times for the heating based on your lifestyle and when you think you will need or want the heating turned on. This way, the most energy and money can be saved in one, saving you time and hassle.
4 – If we have a draught in the house, it will most likely be from the windows and doors.

Although a lot of heat can escape and cold air come in through windows and doors (around 30% according to the energy saving trust), these are not the only places in your home in which heat can escape or enter. If you are experiencing draughts, they may also be from the likes of holes in either the walls, ceiling or attic.

According to The Energy Saving Trust, approximately 40% of heat is lost through walls and ceilings. Its always good to get someone in and fix the air ducts in the ceiling and attic, however Tempo also offer funding towards Cavity Wall and Loft Insulation which allows for a home to stay more insulated and helps reduce draughts and heat escaping through the walls and loft.
5- Attempting to save energy in my home with end up costing me a load of money to try and reduce.

The fact is that the government actually back up a lot of energy saving that goes on within houses and have a lot of funding to go towards measures. They have a target of reducing energy consumption in the UK by 80% by 2050 according to, meaning they will do all they can through various schemes within that time scale in order to meet those targets. It’s pretty much just a case of keeping in the loop and up to date with the offers available to you.

There are many offers available including funding towards cavity wall and loft insulation and funding towards boilers for people on qualifying benefit such as working tax credit, pension credit, and child tax credit.

Besides acquiring new energy efficient measures to save yourself some money and energy in your home, there are also many things that you could do in order to reduce your energy without spending a penny. Check out our blog post on 12 Ways To Reduce Your Energy Bills Part 3 – the lazy way for more information on tips and tricks.

By changing little things within your daily routine to become more energy efficient, you really could make a difference to how much you spend in total. A lot of money that is spent on your energy bills is down to mis-use of appliances within your home. Think about turning lights off when you are not using them, not leaving appliances on stand-by, programming your thermostat to suit your lifestyle and turning off the thermostat in rooms that aren’t used etc. All these things eventually add up to one mass bill.
6- Electric appliances don’t consume energy when they are on stand-by

The majority of households tend to leave their electric appliances such as TV’s radios and even phone chargers plugged in or on stand-by when not in use. Without even thinking, this alone can actually waste around £100 worth of energy a year according to Energy Star. Stand-by mode works so that it still zaps power from the socket in order to be able to start up quicker, meaning the whole time they are left on stand-by they are still using power and costing you money. The moral of the story is turn off or unplug appliances in order to save as much energy and money in your property as possible.

7 – Cavity wall insulation causes damp in the home.

Incorrect! Cavity Wall Insulation actually has been known to reduce damp within homes. When acquiring your home energy assessment before insulation, an assessor should be able to tell you whether your home is eligible for insulation or is at risk of damp in any way. A mixture of well installed insulation, good home ventilation and reasonable heating in a home will assist in avoiding dampening and moisture.

8- Solar Panels do not generate any electricity when it is cloudy or cold.

This statement is also incorrect. Solar Panels may work better on a sunny day, however they are still built to work even when it is cloudy too. Solar panels are designed to produce significant energy even when it it cloudy, stormy or rainy. As a matter of fact, Solar Panels actually are more efficient when it is colder than when it is hot. Lets just take into consideration Germany, who are the world leaders in solar powered homes right now – they don’t particularly have a sunny or hot climate.

For more information on acquiring Solar Panels click here and don’t forget to leave your details for a call back!
So there you have it – some interesting Myth busters to clear up all the doubt once and for all. They do always say you learn a new thing every day!

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