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5 Reasons To Install Solar PV In Your Business

Jonathon Gregory

5 Reasons to Install Solar PV for your Business.
Here at Tempo, we are often asked why businesses should install Solar PV panels. We have installed hundreds of Solar panels throughout the country and have gained so much knowledge and feedback from our customers, that today we feel the need to share the top 5 reasons why we think you should look at installing Solar in your Business.


There are tonnes and tonnes of benefits that could really help your company and allow it to grow, without having to worry about costs all the time. We have recently teamed up with other business’ allowing us to install Solar Panels for free via a power purchase agreement – and you don’t have to pay a penny! You could just sit back relax and reap the benefits.
So here we are with the top 5 reasons to install solar in your business.
1) Solar Commercial With Tempo Is Completely Free!
Obviously not all business’ will have the upfront available funds to pay for Solar PV, which is why as a company, Tempo have now signed contracts to allow us to install Solar Panels in your business for free via a power purchase agreement (as mentioned earlier).

A power purchase agreement basically means that we can install the Solar panels for free providing your business meets the qualifying criteria needed. Within this we have access to funding to commercial Solar installs, meaning you won’t actually have to pay a penny!

Free solar commercial means you can reap all the benefits straight away- keeping your costs to a minimum within your business over a period of 20 years- without having to spend anything in order to do so.

2)Free Solar Means Saving The Environment

As you will already know, installing Solar PV panels and creating your own source of electricity would mean buying significantly less from the grid. By doing this you would be contributing to saving the environment and improving your carbon footprint for the better.

Obviously the amount of carbon saved with vary depending on the type and size of the property in which the business takes place in, however companies do tend to work in relatively larger buildings than those in which people would live in, therefore they would be saving more energy than an average household would yearly.

According to GOV.UK, The Climate Change Act pledges that the Government should aid in reducing carbon emissions in the UK by 80% by 2050. By Installing Solar PV, a business could be supporting the government’s views and helping to reduce carbon emissions in the workplace at a significantly better rate than an average household.

3) Solar Commercial Can Lower Your Energy Bills Dramatically.

Producing your own electricity within a business is the perfect opportunity to keep costs to a complete minimum. Obviously producing your own and buying significantly less from the grid will mean that your energy bills may lower for the better.

According to The Energy Saving Trust, a Solar PV System can provide up to 45% of the electricity demand, meaning up to 45% of energy and money can be saved if used correctly.

A recent install which we fitted commercially in a farm was a 150 KWP system at no cost under a power purchase agreement. This particular farmer used all of the electricity the solar power system had to offer which amounted to £12,500 a year off their energy bills.

By making this dramatic reduction, the farm was able to utilise this extra £12,500 in other areas of importance within the business, which you could also do too by simply just applying.

4) Solar PV requires little or no maintenance

Solar PV has been proven to be one of the most reliable and trustworthy energy efficient installations. Because Solar Panels have no moving parts they actually require very little maintenance. Once your Solar panels are installed they should be good for up to 20 years.

Not only this, but when entering into a Power Purchase Agreement, in the unlikely event of any maintenance needed, you could be guaranteed for this to be fixed for the life span of the panels so you will not have to worry at all about any problems for the foreseeable future!

5) Solar Commercial allows you to improve your business portfolio

By installing Solar pv Panels and becoming a green and environmentally friendly business, you may find yourself more attractive to buyers who are on the look out for green and energy savvy business.

There are many people who are on the look-out for business’ which are environmentally friendly, therefore this may be a good marketing tool to enhance your portfolio. Why not send out a press release to let the public know that you have new solar panels installed or write an article about how Solar has helped your business and the reasons why you chose to go solar?

Furthermore, by enhancing the energy efficiency within your business, your business could be worth more for potential investers or buyers in the future.

How to Apply For Solar Commercial with Tempo.

We are currently in the process of creating a specific Business Solar Page on our Website, however if you are interested in installing free solar within your business, it is best to visit our contact us page and leave a message on the page in regards to your needs. A member of our team will be on hand to contact you as soon as possible to ask you a few preliminary questions and book you in for an initial survey.

Alternatively you can call us on 0800 152 2011 and we can go straight from there.

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