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12 Ways to Reduce Your Energy Bills – Part 1

Rhodri Andrews

12 Ways to reduce your Energy Bills –  Part 1.

Are you finding yourself spending hundreds of pounds a year on energy bills and wondering if there are any ways to cut these down to save you some cash? If you think about it, we already have enough on our plate having to worry about council tax, phone bills, insurance, repairs and maintenance and what not as well as actually living.

Most of the time money comes out of our account before we even get chance to see it!
Well, for your benefit, Tempo has come up with a few tips and tricks for you to try and narrow energy costs so you can start putting yourself first a bit more with the extra money you could save.

1 – Insulating Your Home. 

Ever heard of the phrase ‘don’t put your coat on inside or you won’t feel the benefit when your outside?’ Well, with cavity wall, external wall or loft insulation you will have no excuse to wear a coat indoors as you could already feel enough of the warmth benefit in your own home for less.

A whopping  40% of heat is lost through lofts and walls alone, so just imagine how much money you are wasting whilst heating your house with un-insulated walls and lofts! (1)

This makes insulation one of the best investments when trying to cut money on your energy bills as you could even see yourself saving up to £250 a year in a regular 2 bed detached house *(2).

Not only this, but loft, cavity wall and external wall insulation could be eligable for a grant through the Greendeal or funding through ECO, so you could start saving money straight away. Don’t mind if I do.

*Estimate figures based on insulating gas-heated homes, figures may vary.

2 – Changing to LED lights.

How hard is screwing in a light bulb? – Well, to some maybe harder than others, but still, changing to LED lighting is probably just as easy, if not an easier way to potentially save yourself some money when it comes to electricity bills.

There seems to be a dark cloud over LED lighting as they appear quite expensive in the short term to change than the average light, however in the long term, you could see yourself saving up to £285 a year * (3). LED lights use 5 times less electricity than a regular light bulb and can also last up to 20 years, so you don’t have to worry so much about your light bulb screwing skills after all. (4).

* Based on changing 20 halogen lightbulbs for LED lights on 8 hour a day usage of electricity, rates may vary dependable on how many lights fitted and how often lights are used in the home.

3- Draught Proofing 

Sometimes even with double glazing windows or the right insulation it may seem draughty in your home when there’s a gale blowing outside, especially with the UK’s unpredictable weather. According to The Energy Saving Trust, draught proofing is one of the cheapest, most efficient ways to save some money on your energy bills, and by making such a simple step to doing so you could save up to £50 a year (5).

Drafts can be anywhere in your home, from accidental gaps around your windows, to doors, loft hatches, pipework and ceiling and wall joints, so it may be worth getting someone to have a look at what they can do to reduce the draughts in your house (5).
£50 a year doesn’t seem like that much, but it certainly helps, especially when it comes to Christmas time… or the January sales!

4- Double Glazing

When it comes to windows, it’s pretty obvious that two layers of glass is going to be better than one at keeping your home warm. It’s probably not so obvious, however,  that double glazing could actually save you up to £175 a year on energy bills in a regular 2 bedroom, A rated, detached house.* (6)

One issue some people may have with double glazing is that they are worried that the installation of double glazing may affect the character of their home, but do not fear, as nowadays companies such as Tempo offer double glazing window frames to suit the period and look of your home.

*Based on a gas heated home, Vary dependable on energy rating, house type and heating systems.

What to do from here?

All of the above products and services are available at Tempo. If you are considering any of the above measures, or would like further information on the topic, do not hesitate to give us a call on 0800 152 2011.

So there you have the first 4 steps to reduce your energy bills – Don’t forget to keep yourself updated on the next blog – 12 ways to reduce your energy bills part 2.


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