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10 Celebrities That Preach Energy Efficiency

Jonathon Gregory

Nowadays, energy efficiency is vital in the survival of our future planet, and with various Government incentives available to the public, we are meeting more and more targets every year with new and updated energy efficient products available in order to attempt to prevent climate change and reduce our carbon footprint. It is therefore always great to see some of the worlds’ richest celebrity figures, who could easily fall into a world of in-efficiency and lack of care, really take action and preach energy efficiency. By preaching, we don’t mean just talking about it as a public figure, but actually doing everything within their power to act and influence the word in following in their footsteps.

Here at Tempo, we have produced a list of 10 ultra famous celebs that do just that – and for that, we really do have a reason to look up to them besides showing their face in a few flashy movies.


1 – Leonardo DiCaprio



Remember the days of the Titanic, where poor Jack (Leonardo) was promised that he would never be let go of, but then immediately released into the freezing cold Atlantic Ocean? Well, one thing Leonardo didn’t let go of after his traumatic ordeal was the issue of tackling climate change.

That’s right, our Leo actually lives and breathes energy efficiency. He is actually the proud founder of The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, an organisation set up to help tackle environmental and humanitarian issues – including deforestation, healthy oceans and renewable energy.

The superstar actor also has <Solar Panels> on his home and drives a Hybrid energy efficient car around Hollywood. Additionally, Leonardo refuses to ride on a private jet when travelling for work or pleasure and will only fly with commercial airlines to save energy where-ever possible – although it would be nice to have the option wouldn’t it?!


2 – Cameron Diaz


Good old Cameron Diaz isn’t just Charlie’s Angel; she’s an energy angel too, according to our sources. Apparently she was the first celebrity to go green and buy herself a Prius Hybrid car, which consequently set off the wave of green travel popularity. The Prius has become the new and future energy efficient electric powered car (something which we think will be the future of the automobile industry).

Diaz also wrote a guide named ‘The Green Book’ which taught the world how to become energy efficient one step at a time. Not only this but she created and starred in a short film called ‘Cameron Diaz Saves The World’ which urged people to become more energy efficient and respect the environment in which they live.

Good on you Cameron! Not just a pretty face ey!?


3 – Johnny Depp

johnny depp
Even though Johnny Depp has multiple houses around the world (probably not the most energy efficient idea), he has recently requested one of his private Islands in the Caribbean become a solar powered island that is completely energy efficient! Not bad thinking ey – wonder if he would get a boat to row over there like Pirates of the Caribbean to save fuel costs on airlines getting there too?!


4 – Jamie Oliver

jamie oliver
Our very own English TV chef Jamie Oliver has always been famous for his environmental campaigns. He installed wind turbines into his London Restaurant in order to make it energy efficient by reducing its energy consumption dramatically.

Not only this, but Jamie created a carbon neutral TV show over in America with the proceedings for his show going to many worldwide environmental initiatives such as wind power schemes in China and Solar Energy Projects in India. It’s safe to say that Jamie is not only a health fanatic; he is also a master of energy efficiency too!


5 – Orlando Bloom

orlnado bloom
Perhaps Johnny Depp’s energy efficiency ideas rubbed off on Orlando too on Pirates of The Caribbean set, as Orlando has made his home in London completely green! Apparently he has in stalled solar power, got brand new LED lights and has Solid Wall Insulation on the outside of his property! – Gone for the full works there – he could be predicted to make the money back on his energy efficiency works on his new pad in the next 5 -7 years – not that he would be as bothered we presume.


6 -Brad Pitt

brad pitt

Not only is Brad Pitt incredibly good looking with an even more incredibly good looking wife, but he’s also a bit of a local hero too. Brad Pitt has always been a long time environmentalist, however following the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, Brad invested $5million of his own money to a project of 150 new zero energy homes in the area which were also created to withstand any future flooding or strong winds. The US Green Building Council names the new homes “The largest and most green single family community in the world.” All the homes were completely energy efficient with Solar Panels powering them, and money is still being pumped into similar projects like this in not only energy efficiency, but various wildlife campaigns too by good old Brad.


7 – Maroon 5

maroon 5
Maroon 5 might have the moves like Jagger, but they don’t take the mick when it comes to energy efficiency. Not only do they have a bio-diesel tour bus, but they also massively promote recycling in their concert venues and donate many tour ticket sales to environmental and energy efficient charities in order to help save the planet. They definitely have their head screwed on when it comes to saving energy and helping preserve the world in which we live, and have headlined in many Greenbuild International Conferences.


8- Darryl Hannah

daryll hannah

Apart from getting arrested in 2006 for protesting to save an LA community garden, Darryl actually has a home powered by solar and made of reclaimed wood. Inside her flashy green pad, she also has moss coloured stone as seats that also turn into a couch – funky! Similar to Leonardo and Cameron Diaz, Darryl also owns an energy efficient hybrid car – using as little energy as possible to travel wherever she needs.


9 – Woody Harrelson

woddy harrelson

Woody Harrelson, famous for his roles in The Hunger Games, Natural Born Killers and White Men Can’t Jump is a sustainability and environmentalist. He owns his own eco friendly website called ‘Voice Yourself’ which provides information, help and articles on topics ranging from Health and Food to Energy Efficiency in the home with the tag line ’Be the change you wish to see in the world.’
Woody Harrelson also took part in a petition against the logging of ancient redwood by climbing the Golden Gate Bridge, which was eventually closed off for nearly half a day because of it! They don’t call him Woody for nothing!


10 – Prince Charles

prince charles
Our Prince Of Wales, Prince Charles has been an environmental leader for decades, always working and promoting charities that preach energy efficiency and help sustain the planet. In fact, He has installed both Ground Source Heat Pumps at Highgrove, as well as Solar Panels both there and at Clarence House. They also use LED lighting throughout all homes and palaces!

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